Ayaazone Merchant Benefits

Passive income has taken the world by storm. The notion that you can reap rewards continually for work you’ve already done is an intoxicating one. Thus, it’s no surprise that ecommerce and online mercantilism has been on the rise. Due to its popularity, many different online retailers have risen into prominence. The most popular, obviously, being Amazon. But there are other options out there, and they often offer better benefits than Jeff Bezos’ giant corporation that he’s built recently.

If you’re enticed by the thought of joining the merchant class and creating income in a more passive and unique way, you’ll need to know what merchant options are available.

Ayaazone is dedicated to providing transparency throughout our merchant program. We’ve crafted a fresh take on the merchant portal and benefits in order to provide the new merchant class with a real way to make money and create a profitable business.

How it works

Ayaazone acts as the channel for you to reach your future clients through. We’ve entered the industry with the intention to disrupt. We’re entirely focused on creating an environment that allows the aspiring merchant to shine. You’ll be able to create a brand, a reputation, and a client base all through the Ayaazone merchant program.

We’re passionate about helping people achieve their dreams of working for themselves, rather than someone else. Thus, we’re dedicated to making the transition to becoming a merchant as easy as possible.

Through our program, you’ll be able to list your products, create advanced marketing campaigns, access a wide range of customer bases, and hone your merchant strategy. Plus, you’ll be joining a wide selection of other aspiring merchants that are all at different stages of the development process for their business. They might be expanding, just starting, or beginning their brand development. This serves to create a community that’s not competing but assisting, instead.

All you have to do to become a part of our supportive and adaptive community, is sign up.

Ayaazone Benefits

Ayaazone is proud to put our focus first on our merchants. We know that, without you and your dedication, we won’t be able to thrive and help other aspiring merchants enter the fold. You’ll find that Ayaazone’s benefits set it apart as the best merchant partner you could ask for.

Our Merchant Program Benefits:

  • Clear Merchant Guidelines
  • Multi-Tier Search Engines
  • Affordable Membership
  • Built-In Merchant Provider
  • Social Media Linking
  • Advertising
  • Comprehensive Merchant Center
  • Bulk Inventory Control

Clear Guidelines

We can all agree that Amazon has grown too big. For that reason, they don’t value their merchants as much as they should. It’s not uncommon that when a merchant makes a mistake, Amazon will boot them without another thought. They don’t issue warnings, or even very clear guidelines.

Don’t walk into a merchant arrangement blind. Ayaazone provides concise, clear instructions on how to stay a part of the Ayaazone family. We’ll issue warnings, explore options and support you through your merchant journey. You’ll always know where you stand with us.


It’s hard to find who you’re buying from on most ecommerce sites. We won’t stop you from building up brand recognition. Through our site, sub merchants are easily accessible. You’ll be able to build a page dedicated to you, your products and your vision to communicate with your future clients. You’ll be able to build a customer base and brand recognition, all from being able to prioritize your company, not just sell your product.

multi-tier search engines

Customers coming to Ayaazone have two search patterns: Searching for new brands to trust and purchase from and searching for new products to purchase. Whatever need they need filled, we’ve got you covered. You’ll be able to market both your product and your brand thanks to our two search engines. One engine favors customers that are looking for a specific product while the other helps customers search for new brands to explore and support.

It provides a balanced user experience for both customers and merchants.

affordable membership

Ayaazone is giving you the platform you need to start a profitable business, not take a portion of every penny you make. That’s why our charging structure is the most adaptable in the industry.

When you join Ayaazone as a merchant, you’ll pay a flat rate of $39 per month for your subscription. Afterward, you can expect fair, balanced commission shares. You can expect to only pay $1 in processing fees, and 10 to 15% commission, depending on your merchant profile and membership level.

You can rely on us to never charge you with hidden fees. We’re not here to swindle, we’re here to support.


One of the largest expenses for online merchants is the merchant portal charges. You need to have a safe and secure payment terminal to process your payments through, or else your customers simply won't be able to trust the payment portal, even if they really want to support your brand.

A popular example is Square. However, many forget that while they charge nothing to use them on a monthly basis, they’ll charge you a percentage for each transaction plus a little extra on top. Essentially, all payment processing is controlled by this same payment structure.


Building a brand is the best way to make yourself a relevant business venture these days. Brand means even more than it used to and an attractive brand presence online and within the product itself spells out success for many different budding companies. However, branding your products and your company through an online merchant center isn’t always easy.

At Ayaazone, we’ve made the whole process much more comprehensive. You’ll be able to link all of your social media to your merchant profile and a website so that you can have as much brand contact with potential customers as possible.


Starting a business is hard, especially one centered around an ecommerce retail plan. Ayaazone takes another thing off of your plate by making advertising easier than ever. Through our merchant portal, you’ll be able to build brand recognition and access a variety of future clients.


For an ecommerce operation, data is everything. That’s why our merchant center is organized to make understanding client data and sales information easy. Making key decisions for your business should be supported by real data points and reliable information. A well-organized and easy to use merchant center will make your life easier.

bulk inventory

Plenty of ecommerce platforms require that you upload every single product individually, which costs more than time and patience. Keep it simple with a bulk inventory upload that lets you customize your products and keep everything organized.