Smart Watch Battery

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Smart Watch Battery LQ-S1 Rechargable Lithium Battery with 420MAH Capacity as Well as fit for RYX-NX9,SCX-M9-CE,JHCY-S1,LHL-M9-CE,YX-W9B,M9


  • Brand : OCTelect
  • Model : OCT-LQS142

  • Item Condition : New
  • Item Condition Description : Brand New

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Full and real capacity battery with 420MAH

rechargeable battery

Lithium battery

Battery for LQ-S1 smart watch

new battery for same appearance smart watch of RYX-NX9,SCX-M9-CE,JHCY-S1,LHL-M9-CE,YX-W9B,M9

Brand OCTelect
Model OCT-LQS142
Size 1.22 x 0.94 x 0.19 inches
Item Code I31451696