23-24 inch Anti-Blue Light Vizomax Filter Computer Monitor/ Screen Protector

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Vizomax is the leading Monitor screen protector brand in the US. The Anti-blue Light Vizomax Computer Monitor/TV screen protector is a transparent Blue Light screen Filter designed to prevent damage, scratches and fingerprints to the flat screen of a contemporary TV, PC, Mac Monitors. UV Protection: Filters out between 96% and 99% of the potentially harmful ultraviolet (UV) waves emitted by the monitor screen. Screen Ventilation: Vizomax protectors are designed to allow the screen to be cooled by natural air flow. This anti-blue light protector is tested to eliminate 100% of the UV light; up to 99.6% of the most harmful High Energy Blue light (380 to 420nm) and 60% from the entire HRV spectrum between 380nm~480nm. Advanced technology used to manufacture the transparent shield ensures that the high quality plastic is not only 100% clear but is also virtually unbreakable. Polished edges and rounded corners ensure elegant appearance and complete user safety. Material treated to minimize flexing in front of the computer monitor/TV screen. DOES NOT work with touchscreens. Dry erase markers can be used on the computer monitor/TV screen protector. Although, 100% transparent and clear, due to the filters in the lens the protector may be tinted and requires that the user increases the screen brightness by up to 15%. NOT for laptops – only for monitors. Please measure the diagonal of your screen (without the frame) or look at your screen manufacture diagonal size in inches.


  • Brand : Vizomax
  • Material : Plastic

  • Item Condition : New
  • Item Condition Description : Brand New

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Protect your screen and eyes from damage - Anti-blue light technology, blocking harmful spectrum between 390nm~480nm, developed to prevent CVS (Computer Vision Syndrome) symptoms caused by prolonged computer use

Blocks 100% of Hazardous UV light and reduces HEV Bluelight up to 99.6% with excellent color Transmittance

Prevents screen damage, scratches, fingerprints. Heavy Duty Protection

Extremely strong made from nearly undestroyable optical-grade acrylic. 10 times stronger than 1/4 inch thick glass

Provides you with a comfortable viewing experience while keeping your eyes healthy

Brand Vizomax
Material Plastic
Size 23 - 24 inch
Item Code I30973424