10x42 Binoculars for Adults

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Technically speaking, the unit has a magnification of 10x, and it includes 42mm objective lenses that can supply you with edge-to-edge, distortion-free images. 10x is not so high that you wouldn’t be able to hold it steady to get a clear view, and the field of view is large enough that you can effectively use them for scanning the landscape and tracking larger objects.


  • Brand : Alatino
  • Material : Rubber
  • Model : AL045

  • Item Condition : New
  • Item Condition Description : Brand New

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10x magnification is a fair magnification for binoculars. It allows you to get a view of distant objects and capture more details than with lower power binoculars.

42mm fully multi-coated objective lens will give the most stunning optical performance with the clearest images and good resolution without making the product too big to carry around.

10×42 binoculars are the fact that it is a multi-purpose binocular. Because of its magnification power and objective lens diameter, it is ideal for a wide range of activities. They are perfect for bird watching, hunting, hiking, or be a men's gift.

These binoculars are compact and Lightweight. Leave the over 2 lb full-size binoculars at home and pick these only 1.16lb binoculars to go.

They have rubber armor covered, and the armor covered all important features and make them be shockproof and surface water-resistant.

Brand Alatino
Material Rubber
Model AL045
Size 10x
Item Code I30984446